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Tanvir Islam

As the Founder and Co-Founder, I spearhead an innovative agency specializing in Pro WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Landing Page, and SEO Services. With a passion for digital craftsmanship, I lead a team committed to transforming online visions into reality, ensuring each project not only meets but exceeds our clients' expectations.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision to revolutionize the digital landscape, I hold the designations of Founder and Co-Founder at a leading digital agency renowned for its expertise in Pro WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Landing Page, and SEO Services. My journey began with a simple yet profound belief in the transformative power of digital solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in the digital age.

Under my leadership, our agency has grown into a bastion of innovation, where creativity meets technology to craft digital experiences that leave a lasting impression. My approach combines strategic insight with a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem, ensuring that every project we undertake is a step towards setting new industry standards.

I am deeply involved in every facet of the agency, from conceptualizing bespoke digital strategies to overseeing their flawless execution. My hands-on approach has fostered a culture of excellence within our team, driving us to challenge the status quo and deliver results that speak volumes of our dedication to our client’s success.

Beyond the realm of business, I am committed to the continuous exploration of emerging technologies and their potential to redefine how we interact with the digital world. It is this insatiable curiosity and relentless pursuit of perfection that have become the hallmark of our agency’s legacy.

As we look to the future, my vision is clear – to continue pushing the boundaries of digital innovation, creating impactful digital experiences that connect, engage, and inspire. Join us on this journey, and let’s build the digital future together.

CEO, Farrukh Town Branch 3

Arsalan Rahi

Web development aficionado and social commerce strategist, transforming online visibility for TikTok shops and Daraz VA.

Arsalan Rahi stands at the helm of the Farrukh Town Branch 3 of Ecommerce Skills Planet as its esteemed CEO, specializing in web development, TikTok Shop management, and Daraz virtual assistance. His expertise in these innovative and rapidly evolving sectors of e-commerce positions him as a pivotal figure in nurturing the next generation of digital entrepreneurs and e-commerce specialists.

Arsalan’s journey into the digital world began with a passion for web development, where he honed his skills in designing and developing user-centric websites that drive engagement and conversions. His deep understanding of coding languages, coupled with a keen eye for design aesthetics, enables him to create digital platforms that are not just visually appealing but also highly functional and optimized for user experience.

Recognizing the shift in consumer behavior towards social commerce, Arsalan expanded his expertise to encompass TikTok Shop management. He leverages the platform’s vast user base and engaging content format to help businesses tap into new markets and drive sales through innovative social media strategies. His approach combines creative content production with strategic product placements, making brands stand out in the crowded TikTok ecosystem.

In addition to his work with TikTok, Arsalan is also proficient in managing virtual stores on Daraz, South Asia’s leading online marketplace. He guides his students through the complexities of setting up and managing successful stores on Daraz, including product selection, inventory management, customer service, and marketing strategies. His comprehensive understanding of the platform’s operations and algorithms ensures that his students are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of online retailing and capitalize on the opportunities it presents.

Under Arsalan’s leadership, the Farrukh Town Branch has become a hub for aspiring web developers, social media marketers, and e-commerce specialists. His curriculum is designed to be hands-on and industry-relevant, preparing students not just for the current digital landscape but for the future of e-commerce and online business.

Arsalan Rahi’s commitment to excellence in education and his innovative approach to digital entrepreneurship has made him a respected figure among his peers and students alike. His vision for E-commerce Skills Planet is to create a learning environment that empowers individuals to become leaders in the digital economy, capable of transforming ideas into successful online ventures.

Amazon Account Management

Sabaika Jamshaid

Skilled in navigating the complexities of Amazon's marketplace, Sabaika empowers clients with strategies for maximized sales and optimized account performance.

Sabaika Jamshaid is a pivotal member of the Ecommerce Skills Planet team, serving as our Amazon Account Management Specialist. With a profound understanding of the Amazon marketplace and a track record of driving success for numerous accounts, Sabaika has become an invaluable asset to both our team and our clients.

Her journey in e-commerce began with a fascination for the digital marketplace and a passion for understanding the intricate algorithms that drive online sales. This curiosity led her to specialize in Amazon’s complex ecosystem, where she mastered the art of optimizing product listings, enhancing brand visibility, and navigating the competitive landscape to maximize sales and profitability.

At Ecommerce Skills Planet, Sabaika employs a client-centric approach, tailoring strategies to fit the unique needs and objectives of each account she manages. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of crucial areas, including but not limited to, product research, competitive analysis, SEO optimization, inventory management, and PPC campaign strategy. Through her meticulous planning and strategic execution, she has helped countless clients achieve and exceed their sales goals on Amazon.

Sabaika’s role extends beyond account management; she is a mentor and educator, keen on sharing her knowledge and insights with aspiring e-commerce professionals. She conducts workshops and training sessions, equipping students with the tools and techniques necessary for succeeding on Amazon’s platform. Her dedication to empowering others reflects the core mission of Ecommerce Skills Planet—to create experts in the e-commerce field.

Her analytical skills, combined with a creative approach to problem-solving, allow Sabaika to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the Amazon marketplace. She stays ahead of industry trends and algorithm changes, ensuring that her strategies are both innovative and effective.

Sabaika Jamshaid’s commitment to excellence, coupled with her extensive knowledge of Amazon account management, makes her a cornerstone of Ecommerce Skills Planet’s mission to equip individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the digital economy. Her contributions not only drive the success of our clients but also inspire a new generation of e-commerce professionals.

CEO, Shah Rukne Alm Branch 2

Shahnaz Sardar

Digital marketing guru and YouTube course architect, with a knack for affiliate marketing that maximizes online potential.

Shahnaz Sardar leads the Shah Rukne Alam Branch 2 of Ecommerce Skills Planet as its dynamic CEO, bringing a deep passion for digital marketing, YouTube content creation, and affiliate marketing. Her expertise in these areas has positioned her as a pivotal figure in transforming aspirants into accomplished digital marketers and content creators.

With an extensive background in digital marketing, Shahnaz has developed and executed innovative marketing strategies that have helped businesses grow their online presence significantly. Her proficiency in understanding market trends, consumer behavior online, and leveraging digital tools has enabled her to achieve remarkable success in the digital space.

As the head of Ecommerce Skills Planet’s branch dedicated to digital marketing and related fields, Shahnaz is committed to imparting her knowledge through a curriculum that is both practical and forward-thinking. She focuses on real-world applications of digital marketing theories, ensuring that students are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the online marketing world.

Her YouTube course is especially popular among students, combining her insights into video content creation with strategic monetization techniques. Shahnaz empowers her students to harness the power of video marketing, teaching them how to create engaging content that resonates with audiences and drives revenue through YouTube.

Furthermore, Shahnaz is a strong advocate for affiliate marketing, recognizing its potential as a lucrative income stream for digital entrepreneurs. She mentors her students in identifying profitable niches, building effective affiliate networks, and leveraging their online platforms to generate passive income.

Under her leadership, the Shah Rukne Alam Branch has become synonymous with excellence in digital marketing education. Shahnaz’s approach to teaching emphasizes hands-on learning, encouraging students to apply their knowledge in practical settings, such as live marketing campaigns and content creation projects.

Shahnaz Sardar’s vision for her students extends beyond the classroom. She is dedicated to fostering a community of innovative digital marketers and content creators who are not only skilled in their craft but also ethical and impactful in their online engagements. Her contribution to Ecommerce Skills Planet and the digital marketing landscape is invaluable, making her an inspirational leader and mentor in the field.

Projects Manager

Yacine Elhassan Nafzaoui

Deputy Consultant to the International General Management at UNIVERSITAS XXI Solutions and Technology for the University

I am a passionate professional with a diverse skill set and a strong track record in Business Development, Business Analysis, Digital Marketing, and Mobile Technology Consulting.

As a Business Analyst, I excel in dissecting complex business problems, identifying opportunities for improvement, and crafting data-driven strategies that drive growth and efficiency. My ability to analyze data and trends allows me to make informed decisions, turning insights into actionable plans.

In the dynamic world of Digital Marketing, I’ve harnessed the power of online platforms to create impactful campaigns that reach and engage target audiences effectively. My creative thinking and strategic approach have enabled me to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

As a Mobile Technology Consultant, I’ve helped businesses harness the potential of mobile technologies to enhance their operations and customer experiences. I stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to ensure my clients are always at the forefront of innovation.

My strengths extend beyond technical expertise. I pride myself on my customer-oriented approach, always putting the client’s needs at the forefront of any project. I believe that effective communication is the key to building lasting relationships, and my strong communication skills have enabled me to connect with diverse stakeholders.

Additionally, I thrive in team environments, valuing collaboration and synergy. My experience includes team management, where I’ve successfully led and motivated diverse teams to achieve common goals.

I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and am always eager to connect with professionals who share my passion for business development, analysis, digital marketing, and mobile technology. Let’s connect and explore how we can work together to achieve our goals.

CEO, Branch 4

Ali Shahzad

Expert in digital strategy and e-commerce growth, Ali Shahzad leads with innovation and a deep understanding of online marketplaces, equipping businesses

Ali Shahzad stands at the forefront of Ecommerce Skills Planet’s latest expansion, leading Branch 4 as its Chief Executive Officer. With a pioneering spirit and a visionary approach, Ali has carved a niche in the e-commerce domain, demonstrating an unmatched expertise in strategic planning, team leadership, and innovative market penetration strategies.

His journey with Ecommerce Skills Planet began from a shared vision of transforming the digital landscape into a thriving ecosystem where individuals can learn, grow, and become successful e-commerce entrepreneurs. Under his stewardship, Branch 4 has quickly risen to prominence, known for its cutting-edge training programs and unparalleled support for aspiring digital marketers and e-commerce professionals.

Ali’s leadership style is characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a deep commitment to nurturing talent, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. He believes in empowering his team through continuous learning and development opportunities, fostering an environment where innovation and creativity flourish.

With a rich background in e-commerce and digital strategy, Ali Shahzad has been instrumental in designing and implementing comprehensive training modules that cover the entire spectrum of e-commerce operations, from marketplace management to digital marketing tactics. His keen insights into the evolving digital trends have enabled Branch 4 to offer courses that are not just relevant but also ahead of the curve, ensuring learners are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the digital marketplace.

Ali’s vision extends beyond training the next generation of e-commerce experts. He is committed to building a robust community of entrepreneurs who are not only successful in their individual ventures but are also contributors to the broader digital economy. Through strategic collaborations, industry partnerships, and community engagement initiatives, he aims to establish Ecommerce Skills Planet as a beacon of innovation and excellence in e-commerce education.

Under Ali Shahzad’s dynamic leadership, Branch 4 of Ecommerce Skills Planet is set to redefine the standards of e-commerce training and entrepreneurship, making it an epicenter for digital excellence and innovation.

Receptionist at ESP Farrukhtown


Shazia ensures every visitor feels valued. Her organizational skills and warm demeanor make her an essential part of the daily operations, facilitating smooth communication and service.

Shazia is the welcoming face of Ecommerce Skills Planet’s Farrukhtown branch, embodying the spirit of hospitality and professionalism that the institution stands for. As the Receptionist, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and friendly experience for every visitor and student who walks through the doors of ESP Farrukhtown.

With her exceptional organizational skills and keen attention to detail, Shazia manages the reception area with grace and efficiency. She is responsible for greeting guests, scheduling appointments, and providing information about the vast array of courses and services offered by Ecommerce Skills Planet. Her warm and approachable demeanor makes her an invaluable asset to both the team and the individuals seeking to navigate their educational journey with ESP.

Shazia’s responsibilities extend beyond the front desk. She is instrumental in coordinating communication between students, instructors, and the administrative team, ensuring that information flows smoothly and effectively. Her ability to manage multiple tasks with a smile and maintain a calm, welcoming environment contributes significantly to the positive atmosphere that ESP is known for.

Her commitment to customer service excellence is evident in the way she handles inquiries, offers support, and goes above and beyond to assist students and visitors in finding the resources they need. Shazia’s role as the receptionist is crucial in making ESP Farrukhtown not just an educational institution, but a community where everyone feels valued and supported.

Before joining Ecommerce Skills Planet, Shazia honed her skills in customer service and administrative roles, bringing with her a wealth of experience that she leverages to enhance the operational efficiency of ESP Farrukhtown. She is continuously seeking ways to improve the visitor experience and is deeply invested in the success of the students and the growth of the institution.

Shazia’s dedication to her role and her ability to foster positive relationships with all who enter ESP Farrukhtown make her an indispensable member of the team. Her contributions ensure that Ecommerce Skills Planet remains a welcoming, organized, and professional environment conducive to learning and growth.

Full stack Web Developer

Raju Biswas

Raju Biswas is a seasoned Full Stack Web Developer, recognized for his comprehensive expertise in developing end-to-end web solutions. With a solid foundation in both front-end and back-end technologies, Raju excels in crafting seamless, scalable, and interactive web applications. His commitment to excellence and passion for technology drive him to stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring innovative and forward-thinking web solutions.

Raju Biswas stands at the forefront of web development as a distinguished Full Stack Web Developer. With a career marked by a dedication to technological advancement and a deep understanding of both client-side and server-side development, Raju has established himself as a pivotal figure in the creation of dynamic web experiences. His expertise spans a wide array of programming languages and frameworks, enabling him to lead projects from concept through completion with precision and creativity.

At the heart of Raju’s approach is a commitment to user-centered design and functionality, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds user expectations in performance and usability. His work is characterized by a meticulous attention to detail, a robust coding standard, and a continuous pursuit of innovation. Whether developing complex web applications, e-commerce platforms, or interactive user interfaces, Raju’s solutions are tailored to address the specific challenges and objectives of each project.

Beyond his technical prowess, Raju is a visionary thinker who recognizes the importance of collaboration and communication in the development process. He leverages his skills to mentor aspiring developers, fostering an environment of learning and growth within the tech community. Raju’s contributions extend beyond his immediate projects, as he actively participates in web development forums, shares insights through blogging, and stays engaged with the latest digital trends.

Raju Biswas’s journey as a Full Stack Web Developer is not just about building websites; it’s about pioneering solutions that enhance digital interactions and pave the way for future innovations. With each line of code, he not only shapes the present landscape of web development but also lays the groundwork for tomorrow’s digital breakthroughs.

Social Media Manager Specialist

Kashan Khan

Expert in driving engagement and brand growth through cutting-edge social media strategies.

Kashan Khan brings to Ecommerce Skills Planet a vibrant dynamism and a deep-seated expertise in social media management, pivotal in crafting the digital face of our agency. As the Social Media Manager, Kashan is the architect behind our compelling online presence, orchestrating the symphony of digital interactions that connect our brand with our community across various platforms.

With a rich tapestry of experience woven from diverse roles in digital marketing, Kashan has honed his skills in content creation, social media strategy, and online community engagement. His journey in the digital realm is marked by a series of successful campaigns that have not only elevated brand identities but have also fostered lasting relationships with audiences.

At the heart of Kashan’s approach is a profound understanding of the digital landscape’s ever-evolving nature. He is adept at navigating the complexities of social media algorithms, ensuring that Ecommerce Skills Planet remains at the forefront of digital trends and innovations. His strategies are not just about visibility but about creating meaningful interactions that resonate with our audience, driving engagement, and building a loyal community around our brand.

Kashan’s role extends beyond mere management of social channels. He is a storyteller, crafting narratives that highlight the transformative journey of learning with Ecommerce Skills Planet. Through his creative vision, our social media platforms are a window into the vibrant ecosystem of our agency, showcasing success stories, sharing insights, and offering a glimpse into the world of e-commerce opportunities awaiting our students.

Collaboration is key to Kashan’s methodology. Working closely with our team of digital marketers, content creators, and course instructors, he ensures that our social media content is not only informative but also inspiring, reflecting the essence of what it means to be part of Ecommerce Skills Planet. His campaigns are meticulously planned and executed, designed to captivate, educate, and motivate our online community.

Kashan Khan is not just our Social Media Manager; he is the guardian of our digital persona, a visionary who translates the values and aspirations of Ecommerce Skills Planet into the digital language of today’s world. Under his guidance, our social media platforms are not just channels of communication but bridges connecting dreams with reality, helping aspiring entrepreneurs embark on their journey of transformation with us.

Digital Marketing Manager

Muhammad Zain

Muhammad Zain oversees our digital marketing efforts. He crafts innovative campaigns that not only reach but resonate with our target audience, driving growth and enhancing our online presence.

Muhammad Zain is the dynamic Digital Marketing Manager at Ecommerce Skills Planet, where his expertise and passion for digital landscapes drive the agency’s marketing strategies into new heights of success. With a profound understanding of digital marketing’s evolving facets, Zain has become an invaluable asset to the team, crafting campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences and yield remarkable results.

Zain’s journey in the digital marketing arena is marked by a continuous quest for knowledge and innovation. Holding advanced certifications and a deep-seated expertise in SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media strategies, he has adeptly navigated the complexities of the digital world to boost brand visibility, engage customers, and skyrocket conversions for both the agency and its clientele.

At the heart of Zain’s approach is a data-driven methodology, combined with a creative flair that captures and engages target audiences. He excels in deciphering market trends and customer insights, transforming them into actionable strategies that align with business objectives. His campaigns are not just about reaching a wide audience; they are about reaching the right audience with precision targeting and compelling messaging.

Leadership and collaboration are key themes in Zain’s career narrative. He leads a talented team of marketers, fostering an environment of continuous learning and experimentation. Under his guidance, his team thrives on challenges, pushing the boundaries of digital marketing to achieve and exceed set goals. His ability to mentor and inspire has cultivated a culture of excellence and innovation within the department.

Muhammad Zain’s contributions to Ecommerce Skills Planet extend beyond campaign success; he is instrumental in shaping the digital marketing curriculum, ensuring that the training programs remain at the forefront of industry standards. His workshops and seminars are highly sought after, blending practical insights with strategic frameworks that empower aspiring marketers.

In an ever-changing digital landscape, Muhammad Zain remains a beacon of knowledge and creativity, leading Ecommerce Skills Planet’s marketing endeavors towards uncharted territories of success. His vision for the future is not just about keeping pace with digital trends but setting new benchmarks for excellence in digital marketing.


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